Youth Land | FR

Photo by Le Citron Jaune

LAND provided the platform for a more in-depth opportunity for a small group to explore the start of a European conversation around land; ‘Youth Land’.   Connecting artistic experience and language exchange the Youth Land project was developed by Le Citron Jaune with middle School Maximilien Robespierre from Port Saint Louis du Rhône.

Students participated in workshops led by artist Hélène Dattler, to explore the Camargue landscapes, to learn about their environment and create a digital communication in order to share their experiences.  The project developed around the idea of communicating through the concept of ‘putting themselves into the skins, the minds and the hearts of hybrid beings, half human half animal’, and showing their daily landscapes in a wild and sensitive way. 

The students made masks and wore them while doing a dance choreography in the landscapes of Domaine de la Palissade, in the heart of Camargue. This was recorded and made into a short film as a digital communication and to document the artistic process.  The film was launched and shown to over 200 people as part of The Festival de la Camargue et du delta du Rhône in May 2019, alongside an exhibition of the masks.  It has also provided the initial ‘opening line’ in the beginnings of a conversations between the students and a school in the Netherlands.