LAND Responses: engaging with audiences

For our series of LAND Responses we asked participants how LAND had impacted them as artists, individuals and/or their organisations in relation to our projects aims, outcomes and benefits.

In this edition, we look at how LAND has encouraged engagement with artists work in the landscape, particularly with young people and diversified audiences through animating rural landscapes.  Here is selection of responses:

‘We became more aware that we can reach our visitors in different ways. And that art (in any form) is one way.’ 

Staatsbeheer, Land Steward (NL)

‘could attract and sensitize a wider public to environmental interest, in expanding the target audiences on this natural space.’

Parc naturel régional de Camargue, Land Steward (FR)

‘Camargue is the biggest wet area in Europe. Then, we can guess that it will be one of the first victim of the climate change. It is really important for us and for the land stewards we work with to sensitize people to that reality… LAND project help us to reach that goal in showing our environment through fresh artistic eyes.’

Le Citron Jaune, Project Partner (FR)

‘This project let us think about our possible role as a designer to stimulate involvement of ecological research in the natural landscape with a broad audience.’

Studio Buiten Werking, Artists (NL)

‘We are working hard to increase people’s emotional connection with nature as a precursor to developing pro-environmental behaviour, and there is an increasing body of evidence that suggests engagement with the arts will help us do this. As a consequence we are able to make the case for art as a mechanism for engagement in landscape with far greater conviction.’

NAAONB, Land Steward (UK)

‘Oerol bolstered my understanding that there can be so much common ground between artists and environmentalists and we need to make more of their unique ability to communicate complex environmental issues and themes.’

Dorset AONB, Land Steward (UK)

‘[LAND school workshops]..was a rewarding experience … Their focus and energy in response to both the assignments in class and the experience of their visit on site were very pleasant.’

Waterlanders, Artists (NL)

Workt title: LAND Responses: engaging with audiences

Type: Project results