LAND Responses: relationships, networks, connections

Waterlanders | De Weide Wereld | Inside Out Dorset | Photo: Waterlanders

For our series of LAND Responses we asked participants how LAND had impacted them as artists, individuals and/or their organisations in relation to our projects aims, outcomes and benefits.

In this edition, we look at how LAND has strengthened relationships between participants in order to create a more connected European network. Here is a selection:

‘Collectief Walden have strengthened relationships with Inside Out Dorset and PLACCC Budapest. Both of these organisations had been 'acquaintances' of Collectief Walden, but because of LAND the ties are much stronger.’

Collectif Walden, Artists (NL)

‘Presenting work with Le Citron Jaune allowed me to make connections with some European partners within the field of sound recording and acoustic Ecology. Some good connections were made with both artists, environmental organisations and individuals at the seminar at Oerol.’  

Jony Easterby, Artist (UK)

 ‘We’ve built a strong relationship with lead artists And Now: and we hope to be able to work with them in the future.  We’ve also built and strengthened relationships with all creative practitioners who took part in the Festival of Schools [audience development] programme around Wayfaring,’

Tom Munro, Dorset AONB, Land Steward (UK)

‘I’ve met people outside of my everyday work circle. To be able to think and discuss things with environmental organisations and their representatives helped me to build new relationships that can be a foundation of the future collaborative work.’

Ambrus Ivanyos, Artist (HU)

'All stages of this developing relationship with the arts has deepened our individual and organisational understanding of the power of art in a land stewardship context, and indeed the power of land stewardship in art.   Our relationship with Activate Performing Arts is becoming more collaborative, our relationships with likeminded people in other organisations such as the National Trust has been strengthened, and our exposure to new relationship with artists and producers as a product of our involvement with Oerol has widened our perspective on the relationship between art and land management.’

Howard Davies, NAAONB, Land Steward (UK)

'LAND has helped us deepen our relationships across Europe and set us on course for working more strategically with land stewards in the future.' 

Kate Wood, Activate Performing Arts, Project Partner

'This festival [Oerol] was an opportunity to make an introduction at an international scale: we will be able to use the project as a reference to acquire future commissions … our studio is capable of creating installations at this scale, complexity and precision. The process brought us closer to other producers from different festivals/organisations. A short term consequence has already shown itself: we are invited to design an installation at another festival in La Rioja, Spain in 2020.'

Daniel Laszlo Balo (professor, Studio B, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest)

‘The project made us possible to start some activities which our organisation has been aiming to be involved in for some time, including strengthening our collaborations with [Budapest] universities’

Fanni Nany, PLACCC, Project Partner

Workt title: LAND Responses: relationships, networks, connections

Type: Project Results