Seminar: Lifecycles and Landscapes | September 2018

Seminar: Lifecycles & Landscapes. Kate Wood presentation. Photo: InsideOutDorset

This two-day seminar was presented by Inside Out Dorset (Activate Performing Arts) during their 2018 festival, offering a mix of art and conversation, debate and advocacy, learning and sharing, connections, inspiration and ideas on what to do next.

A comprehensive and packed programme over the two days focussed on sharing experiences and learning from cross sector working, the making of new artwork in unusual places, how arts and culture can be embedded into land management together with national and European partnerships and strategies.  The aims of this seminar were to

  • exchange and share the outcomes of work to date in both the LAND and Lifecycles & Landscapes projects.
  • encourage and foster connections between land stewards and artists.
  • to raise the profile of those artists and organisations who have engaged in this specialist field of work.

The seminar was split into two parts with each day incorporating keynote speakers, discussion and visits to experience installations / performances.

PART 1 – Why we did what we did, what we did, what worked, what were the challenges in cross sector working and how do we overcome them?

PART 2 – Why do it? What is the impact and what to do next? The impact on the audiences, arts and protected landscape guardians – engaging people and interpreting, re –interpreting and connecting to the landscape.

Over 50 delegates attended from across the four LAND partner countries, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France and Hungary, with representations from a range of organisations including Arts Council England, AONB’s, Oerol Festival, PLACCC Festival, Le Citron Jaune, Arts University Bournemouth, Norfolk and Norwich Festival and English Heritage.

'energy… It was energising to be part of the conference

ideas… More specifically, different ways of thinking and approaching outdoor work

contacts… Some renewed, some new

validation... Our project plans were well received by people we shared them with'

Alastair, Screenplay

‘Some of us work rather in isolation and so the feeling of being part of a ‘movement’ is really empowering.’  Helen Ottaway, Artmusic

‘Opportunity to learn from others on what, how, why, engagement is possible across all sorts of different landscapes. I especially liked the Terschelling example as interesting to hear how they dealt with issues of protection and consent and used this positively in their work.’ Fiona Wynne, New Forest National Park

‘It was a good way to reflect on the new work I’d just presented in Coastal Encounters; to meet other artists , share experiences and perspectives.’  Jane Pitt, artist

'A large dose of inspiration to push, within my own organization, the idea that art has a central role to play in the future.'  Dr Mark Douglas, English Heritage

The seminar was presented in association with of the Lifecycles and Landscapes project, an ambitious three-year landscapes art project that ran from 2016-2019.  This project was a partnership between Activate, producers of the Inside Out Dorset festival, artists And Now: and Landscapes for Life, the National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


Marelie van Rongen general manager, Oerol Festival

Kees Lesuis artistic leader festival, Oerol Festival

Marin de Boer, Creative Producer Expedition Projects, Oerol Festival, Netherlands

Paul Bristow, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Arts Council England

Howard Davies, Chief Executive – National Association for AONBs, UK

Mandy Dike, Co-director of And Now: & lead artist of ‘Wayfaring’

Lucy Galvin, Communications Officer, Norfolk Coast AONB, UK

Thomas Lamers, dramaturge and philosopher, Collectief Walden

Seline Gosling, producer and business manager, Collectief Walden

Bart Heijnemans, business / production, Waterlanders

Eric Langendoen, designer / visual artist, Waterlanders

Tom Munro, Dorset AONB Manager

Henry Oliver, North Wessex Downs AONB Director

Helen Ottaway, Artist

Lorna Rees, Artist

Sarah Sawyer, Community Links Officer for the Wye Valley River AONB

James Sharpe, SDRLP, Dorset AONB, UK

Joshua Sofaer, Artist

Kelly Spry-Phare

Development Manager for the Heritage Lottery Fund in the South West, UK

Subathra Subramaniam, Artist

Kim Tilbrook, Life Cycles & Landscapes Project Manager, UK

Kate Wood, Executive Director of Activate Performing Arts and Co-Artistic Director of Inside Out Dorset Festival

Workt title: Seminar: Lifecycles and Landscapes

Year: September 2018

Country: UK

Type: Seminar