Land Zonder Dijk (June 2019)

Studio Buiten Werking

Photo: Studio Buiten Werking

Land Zonder Dijk is an experiment where visitors build a salt marsh structure together, contributing to the emergence of a gigantic self-organizing pattern. 

Inspired by the way in which certain organisms create suitable living conditions for themselves and other species, you start "biobuilding". This installation visualizes a propagation method of biobuilders: organisms that not only respond to environmental conditions, but also strongly influence them themselves. 

Studio Buiten Werking (Fier van den Berge and Pim Bens) worked with scientific researcher Tjisse van der Heide of the Royal Netherlands Institute for Research into the Sea (NIOZ) and the University of Groningen (RuG) to create Land Zonder Dijk for the Oerol Expedition Project in the Netherlands. 

Tjisse van der Heide scientific research focuses on causes and consequences of coastal ecosystem degradation and development of novel applications to preserve and/or restore coastal ecosystems. Plant-dominated coastal ecosystems and their ecosystem services are declining globally. The island salt marshes provide a habitat for many plant and animal species, which together form the food web. In addition, the salt marshes behind the dike are of considerable scenic quality.

Studio Buiten Werking sees itself as the connecting link between research and experience.  Working in this form of collaboration between artist and scientist compliments each other, by making use of each other's knowledge and exchanges between them. Their mutual interest offering new perspectives and insights on building with nature and future involvement concerning human responsibility vs changing landscapes. 

 “during Oerol we want to start with a salt marsh development experiment in which visitors themselves help to build a realistic salt marsh structure on the basis of basic 'formation rules' that also apply in nature”. Studio Buiten Werking

The installation will be observed by researchers in the coming year to see how pioneer plants develop here.

 Oerol Festival is an annual 10 day site specific landscape arts festival on the island of Terschelling in the north of the Netherlands.  Since its beginnings in 1982, Oerol has grown into the one of the most exceptional festivals in Europe, where every June the island is transformed into a unique natural stage for theatre, dance, art installations and music. Recent projects display a combination of arts, science and nature.; shaping new aspirations for the festival with audiences participating as fieldworkers in laboratory projects.  The shows and lab-projects are created for the specific locations in which they take place with the islands special landscapes serving as source of inspirations and as a stage.

Work title: Land Zonder Dijk

Artist: Studio Buiten Werking

Year: June 2019

Festival: Oerol 2019

Country: NL

Type: Presentation